Hey everyone!

So a few weeks ago I was watching a show on Accidental Fortunes on Discovery America. The episode consisted of amazing finds. The one that I thought was super cool was that of a huge meteor shower that fell down upon a town here in America not to long ago. It is very uncommon for this type of event to take place in a local setting. People could just walk down the street and find a meteriote the size of a baseball! The residents were selling these meteriotes for large sums of money. A local meteriologist wanted to have the residents bring their finds in so to add to the local museums collection. The town all together made a profit of 500,000 dollars!

Shows just how amazing meteriotites are and how much they changed these peoples lives.

I have a meteriote necklace that is from the campo del cielo meteorite impact and love the felling of being closer to such an amazing objects.


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